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About the Author

Cereka Cook is from Washington state and has been residing in Atlanta since 1996.

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Her passion for writing and expressing herself stems from reading and theatrical arts.  Her love for reading was encouraged by her mother who used to purchase books from the neighborhoods book-mobile.  Her involvement in theater came from years of doing impressions, funny voices, and acting out movie scenes as a child.  So, as a teenager, Cereka decided to channel those energies onto the stage.  And in later years channeling those same energies onto a page.  Some of her aspirations are to turn her novels into stage plays and screen plays.

Cereka would also like to become the owner of her own publishing company in order to give back and help other young black writers, the same way James D. Jackson helped her.

Facts and Inspirations

•”…Educating and entertaining through writing; hence the word ‘edu-tainment’.

“•”…With my colorful imagination and this peculiar world in which we live, I inspired myself to create great reading through my eyes.

“•”…Unaware of my own natural ability to write until 2002, once I began to write everything came into focus and flowed. I realized that not only was I an excellent writer, but an even better storyteller. This is my God given talent.

Would You Like to Know More About Cereka Cook?  See an online interview here!

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