Extreme Circumstances

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What happens when a devoted woman is betrayed? Come take a ride with Chanel as she takes her boyfriend, Donnell to circumstances beyond belief after he betrays her trust with his endless infidelities. How long can Chanel’s friend, Janai, use her looks to get what she wants from men before it catches up to her? Find out as Janai’s gold-digging ways catch up with her and she has to face the consequences of her extreme actions.

Insanely in Love

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Succesful investment tycoon Jack Anderson seems to have it all.  Success, money, charisma, good looks, even sex appeal; and even in the 21st century he’s chivalrous and charming.  Well if you think he seems too good to be try, guess what; he is!Rain Hunter knows first hand that all that glitters ain’t gold.  After just one date with Jack, he becomes dangerously fixated on Rain and vows to keep her by any means necessary. Get your copy from Amazon today!